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All our products are manufactured from fresh frozen, human based plasma, using a number of proprietary processing procedures which dramatically reduce the level of undesirable and toxic by-products that are known to adversely affect the stability of the more labile analytes. This has allowed the development of a highly stable serum matrix, which eliminates the need for using high levels of preservatives, resulting in products which closely mimic the performance of patient samples and has facilitated a level of test consolidation and performance in our quality controls which has not been available up to now. The resulting matrices have  allowed us to target the various analytes at the clinical decision points and at levels across the analytical range.   

In addition we have developed and employ a series of unique stabilisation procedures, which dramatically, enhance the stability and performance of a number of traditionally unstable analytes including enzymes, bicarbonate, bilirubin, para thyroid hormone and troponin. This provides the Multichem™ range with unsurpassed performance and robustness in the market place and  allows us to supply our customers with solutions that completely fulfils their needs.